Introducing Type Brigade

During a lecture a few months back, designer Peter Cocking quipped “I find, if you speak about anything for long enough, it always comes back to type.”

All the more reason to speak about it sooner.

I’m excited to announce the Vancouver Typography Meetup Group is now Type Brigade. Our first event with our new name—the group’s 20th event—will be on June 24th at Mobify HQ. That’s one floor below where Bringhurst’s classic The Elements of Typographic Style was published. Register for Type Brigade here.

Why the name Type Brigade? It signals a change in format: two talks, 25 minutes each, followed by a five minute Q&A. It’s free to attend. Additionally, it’s a commitment to focusing on type design as much as typography.

Shelley Gruendler originally created this meetup, and she continues to create amazing opportunities for type designers and typographers—in Vancouver and further away from home. I want to thank her for all the time she has invested into getting this meetup where it is, and her go-ahead to move it in a new direction.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you and—whether you’ve been to an event yet or not—sharing what we have planned.

See you at Type Brigade №20 on June 24th!