Type Brigade

I find, if you speak about anything for long enough, it always comes back to type.
Peter Cocking,Designer

All the more reason to speak about it sooner.

Introducing Type Brigade: Vancouver’s type design and typography speaker series meetup. It’s community-driven and completely free to attend.

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Type Brigade No26

at 6:30PM
Hootquite HQ
5 E 8th Ave,
Vancouver, BC
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Speakers at Type Brigade №24

The next Type Brigade will feature two fantastic talks. One talk will focus on typography, and the other on type design.

Travis Gertz

The co-founder of Louder Than Ten, Travis Gertz has been designing user interfaces, editorial publications, and encouraging smart design for over a decade. He grew up swinging hammers, spinning wrenches, building cabins, and tearing down motorcycles. Maybe it was the elation of manipulating machine and material into something greater. Maybe it was the fear of one day losing a finger with a skill saw. Somehow this lead him to a career working the less metallic, but equally raw materials of the internet.

Ivana McConnell

Ivana McConnell is an interaction designer in Vancouver, making things at Myplanet. When not working, she sometimes teaches people about the wonders of interaction design and code, but most of her free time is spent rambling around the city and mountains with her wife and her jack russell terrier in search of good rock climbing and good food.

Call for Speakers

The Call for Speakers is currently open.If you don’t think you’re a presenter, we’d like the opportunity to prove you wrong.


Type Brigade is free to attend, which would not be possible without our sponsors.