Type Brigade

I find, if you speak about anything for long enough, it always comes back to type.
Peter Cocking,Designer

All the more reason to speak about it sooner.

Introducing Type Brigade: Vancouver’s type design and typography speaker series meetup. It’s community-driven and completely free to attend.

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Type Brigade No24

at 6:30PM
Mobify HQ
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Vancouver, BC
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Speakers at Type Brigade №24

The next Type Brigade will feature two fantastic talks. One talk will focus on typography, and the other on type design.

When is a typeface done? The process of development of Charlie & Echo

For now, Ross Milne’s new typefaces Charlie & Echo are done. Recently release through the Typotheque, with support for over 140 languages across Latin, Cyrillic and Greek scripts, eleven weights with corresponding italics, numerous figure styles, expanded icons, arrows and too many currency symbols to count, it’s fair to say that Charlie has grown bigger than ever envisioned. He’ll share some of the process in getting to that point at Type Brigade №24.

Ross Milne

Ross Milne is a type designer and founding member of the design studio Working Format. He completed his postgraduate studies at the Type & Media program at the KABK in The Hauge, Netherlands, and has gone onto regularly work with Typotheque there, and Commercial Type in New York. He currently teaches type design at Emily Carr University.

Cult Typography: The Harlequin Romance as Critical Aesthetic

Looking back historically at type as a form of branding and voice, the cult typography of the Harlequin Romance novel will be revived in conversation. Topics such as myth, desire, fantasy and projection will serve as a basis to reflect on the collaborative and research based project Ingrid and Emma undertook for their photo and text based Harlequin Novel project Paradise Passes Through Here. By mimicking the poetic affectiveness of the pulp aesthetic, a connection will be drawn in relation to the politics of Feminist discourse and it's recognition in conceptual art.

Emma Metcalfe Hurst & Ingrid Olauson

Emma Metcalfe Hurst and Ingrid Olauson are BFA candidates at Emily Carr University in Critical and Cultural Practices. Olauson is a writer from Vancouver, BC whose criticism and poetry has been a platform for collaborative works with other artists. Olauson is a writer from Vancouver, BC whose criticism and poetry has been a platform for collaborative works with other artists. Metcalfe Hurst is an artist, writer, the assistant curator at Access Gallery, and a member of the artist-run AVENUE gallery.

Call for Speakers

The Call for Speakers is currently open. If you don’t think you’re a presenter, we’d like the opportunity to prove you wrong.


Type Brigade is free to attend, which would not be possible without our sponsors.