Call for Speakers

Type Brigade is now accepting presentation proposals for future events.

Whether you’re an experienced type designer with a talk you’ve given before, or have recently become interested in typography and are still working on your idea, we welcome your proposal. We firmly believe you have something worthwhile to share, and you certainly don’t need to know everything type to teach us something.

The response was very enthusiastic. I’m very glad I did this, as I’m way out of practice at public speaking, but I’m told I did really well. I tried to imagine the audience as a large group of new friends, which seemed to work.

Neil Kandalgaonkar


Type Brigade hosts two speakers per meetup. Each presents for 25–30 minutes, with audience questions held until a 5 minute Q&A session afterwards. There’s a brief intermission between the talks. After both, attendees usually relocate as a group to a nearby bar.

We’re open to straying from this format, however. Feel free to send us your idea even if it doesn’t fit into this framework!


This meetup recognises the importance of type at any stage of its development or use. Whether your talk focuses on the historical design of a alternate character in a non-Latin language, or looks at typography in user interfaces across a wide range of popular mobile devices—if it’s about type, chances are you’ll fit right in. Some examples of topics explored at previous events:

We Can Help

You may not see yourself as a speaker, but Type Brigade would like to help you change this. Not everyone has experience presenting to an audience. Not everyone has experience designing slides. Not everyone realises they have something great to talk about.

  • We can assist in brainstorming ideas
  • We can connect your with experienced speakers to help you prepare your submission
  • We can recommendation tools to produce slides, or review what you have so far
  • We can put together a small, friendly audience for you to practice in front of
  • We will do our best to help with other requests, just email

Make sure you take a look at Tiffany Conroy’s site, We Are All Awesome. It’s written towards developers considering speaking at programming events, but it is filled with great resources for anyone who has something worthwhile to share. (That’s you!)

Submit your talk

Please submit your talk here.


Here are some useful tools and guides for speakers.

Portions of this page are based on JSConf’s Call for Speakers.